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Establishment of POPI

Founded in the year 1986 at a small village, Jamalpur of Bhairab Upozila People's Oriented Program Implementation (POPI) had been established as non profit development organization within very short span of time. It was registered first with the Department Of Social Service and later in the year 1991 with NGO Affairs Bureau under foreign donation registration ordinance of the Government of Bangladesh. It was also registered with Directorate of Health and Family Planning in the year 1995.There were two millstone years for POPI .One was the year 1993 when it introduce first Micro credit Service Delivery to the poor target beneficiaries in a mission to sustainable food security and livelihood capability building for them. The other one was year 2000 when it had taken the mission for mainstreaming the most marginalized untouched people as one of the Most Priority program. Successes in these two missions up to this time are very encouraging and growth of activities on these areas is continuing. POPI is now national status development and Micro finance services provider organization and can humbly acclaim name for quality work .It had cherished to be people's organization and it became so by dint of will, sprit and hard work.

Establisment day

15th November 1986