Damien Foundation – Bangladesh

The Damien Foundation, founded in 1964, is a Belgian NGO dedicated to the fight against Leprosy and later on added Tuberculosis in it's agenda for cost-effectiveness in terms of operation. The Foundation is active in 15 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In Bangladesh, the Damien Foundation was engaged initially in the field of Leprosy since 1972 and later on included Tuberculosis in 1991.
Logo You can recognise the Damien Foundation by its logo, a heart-shaped butterfly.
Our hearts: Our co-workers at the Damien Foundation dedicate themselves body and soul to their job. Their hearts are in it. The Damien Foundation supports projects and by doing so, opens its heart to patients and to anyone wishing to help.

Butterfly: Butterflies symbolize the millions of vulnerable, diseased persons who suffer from leprosy or tuberculosis. Butterflies also represent our hopes for a better life, for a cure, for social reinsertion and access to adequate, good-quality health care.