Welcome ARP

ARP is a non-profit, non-government, social development organization. It was established 1995 of Bangladesh by enthusiastic and energetic social workers (Mr.Humyoun Kabir and his wife Dr. Anita Kestel. Although the founder have been working in Germany but they have a very good feeling and sympathy for the poor people of their home country. Through their support and financial help are was able to strengthen it’s capacity building and contribute for socialdevelopment work in the Kishoreganj District. ARP was egistered under social welfare ministry in

* To arrange Peoples organization building.
* To arrange skill Training.
* To develop their self- image, self – confidence and creativity.
* To arrange Non formal education.
* Preparedness and mitigation of natural disaster.
* To arrange Water & Sanitation program.
* To ensure Food security and nutrition development.
* To create income generating activities.
* To Develop& Rehabilitation of Disabled people.
* To organize health infrastructure building program.
* To ensure human rights and good governance for a peaceful & sound society.
* To Develop and utilization of local resources in agriculture, pisculture, livestock and
* Collaboration with GOB and NGO`s.
* National & international day observance.